About Decorative Craftwork

Decorative Craftwork is the trading name of Colin Irvine.


Colin Irvine hand-makes small items of decorative woodwork and other craftwork at his workshop in Hove, East Sussex.These objects are the recent output of his lifelong passion for fine joinery and cabinetmaking. Furniture and musical instruments also come from his workshop.

Colin Irvine in his workshop

Colin uses a combination of traditional techniques and more modern practices and materials - choosing the best combination for each object. A traditionally cut cross banded veneer will be fixed with a modern waterproof PVA adhesive. A nylon hinge bearing will be used to provide excellent long-lasting trouble free performance. His main aim is to produce items that are aesthetically pleasing, yet sturdy and above all long lasting. Colin's woodwork is designed and built to last a lifetime, or several lifetimes.

Box making

Colin exhibits at craft fairs up and down the country where you can buy his work, or dicusss any commission with him. Or why not call in (by appointment please) at his Hove workshop and see work in progress.

The workshop

Plaster castings and gilding also come from Colin's workshop.

Plaster moulds for a ceiling cornice A re-gilded part of a large mirror