ART IN THE PARK: I will have my marquee up in St. Anne's Well Gardens in Hove on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May for Art in the Park. Organised by the Friends of St. Anne's Well Gardens 11am to 5pm bothdays.

BRIGHTON FAIRS. On Saturday 8th June I will be at the Brighton Dome and on Saturday 27th July I will be at my regular spot at the Friends' Meeting House in Ship Street. More info :Brighton Craft Fair

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Look at the CATALOGUE section, this lists all my work in stock along with some recently sold items. Scroll down through Boxes, Furniture and Turned Work.

The ARCHIVE section is the place to find over 300 previously sold works. Lots of ideas for boxes and the like.

For some unusual items, and some more usual as well, look at the COMMISSIONS section. This shows the most imporatant commissions I have undertaken.

Finally, if you are contemplating some restoration work have a look at the RESTORATION section. This has examples of the wide range of restoration work that I carry out.

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Boxes ...

Box 502 - click for details Box 1322 - click for details Box 1222 - click for details Box 1292 - click for details Box 1207 - click for details

I make these boxes by hand in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from the simple elegance of figured maple through to complex inlaid geometric patterns - often called parquetry. The inlays are either veneer or thin sheets of solid timber. Native and exotic overseas timbers are used to create the contrasting colours and grain patterns. Burrs are often used to create the highly decorative lids.

Box 1217 - click for details

Wherever possible I use reclaimed timber.
Boxes have lift-off or hinged lids, and some have internal trays or velvet linings making them ideal to store jewellery or small collectibles.

Box 1402 - click for details

The boxes are all hand made, by me. They are finished with either a hard wearing modern finish like polyurethane varnish or melamine lacquer, or a traditional shellac polish (french polish). This is not so hard wearing but gives a much softer and warmer finish - better suited to many of the exotic timbers I use.

Box 1240 - click for details

Creating the parquetry patterns involves careful cutting of a number of timbers of contrasting colour. Some of my favourites are padouk, American black walnut, wenge (a very dark coloured timber), afromosia, sycamore, oak and pear.

Box 1324 - click for details

These boxes are made to last a lifetime (with just a little care and love) and to pass on to your children and grandchildren. They make an ideal gift, or even, for that very special gift, a unique way to package it.

Box 1344 - click for details




Furniture ...

Chest 507 - click for details Table 1607 - click for details Table 508 - click for details Table 510 - click for details Side table 1196 - click for details

All my furniture is hand-made to order. Here is a selection of items past and present, hoping that they may inspire you to commission a piece especially for you.

The chest shown here is a practical and decorative storage unit. The robust oak veneered blockboard construction is faced with lozenge panels in a variety of timbers.

Chest 507 - click for details Chest 507 - click for details

Furniture can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Here is a home drawing table designed for a structural engineer. The top is designed as a draughtsman's drawing board whilst the sliding drawer has a fold down end, making it into an ideal second work surface to hold pens, pencils, drawing equipment and paperwork; keeping the main drawing surface clear. With the drawer closed the table makes a fine piece of compact decorative furniture.

Table 508 - click for details Table 508 - click for details

Antique, ersatz, or reproduction? This console table is inspired by the French Louis Philippe style, but it is not a copy of any particular piece. The solid walnut turned legs have brass inlays; the cornice and base shelf are veneered in walnut; a granite top completes the console.

Table 512 - click for details

Definitely oriental. My origami table is a reference to the folded paper structures. Creamy sycamore echos the paper and sharp creases and overlapping layers enhance the origami effect.

Table 1187 - click for details Table 1187 - click for details

Inspired by Charles Rennie Macintosh this table/jardiniere is in maple with fumed oak inlays.

Table 1607 - click for details Table 1607 - click for details

Art Deco style. A side table inspired by the work of Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann. This elegant two drawer table is constructed in wenge and maple finished with French polish.

Table 1196 - click for details Table 1196 - click for details



Turned work...

Lidded container 1611 - click for details Lamp 503 - click for details Lidded box 1566 - click for details Bowl 504 - click for details Bowl 1023 - click for details

Turned lamps can be simple, or more unusual, like this stacked ball example.
This lamp is turned from a lamination of many layers of American black walnut, finished with a soft traditional shellac varnish.

Lamp 503 - click for details

The hand-turned bowls can range from the simple to the highly decorative. Shown here is a bowl using built-up contrasting timbers that are exposed in interesting patterns by the turning process.

Bowl 504 - click for details

The bowls are finished in a variety of ways. The oiled finish used on the small macassar ebony bowl shown here is very practical, and the oil enhances the natural sheen of the wood.

Bowl 1023 - click for details