Learn woodturning or woodwork

Learn woodturning or woodworking directly from Colin Irvine.
I can provide tailored lessons in woodwork and woodturning. You don't need any previous experience, but if you already have some basic skills we can extend them together. Courses can be intensive, working several hours each day for a number of days, or a more relaxed approach with, say, weekly lessons. I can give lessons in the evenings as well.

Colin Irvine in his Hove workshop Marking out

You will learn how to use all the usual (and some less usual) hand tools. For more advanced students we can work with basic power tools (circular saw, router, power planners and sanders). If your interest is in woodturning we will work on my well equipped Myford ML8 lathe, turning between centres, in chucks and on faceplates.

Turning a lamp pillar Marking a box for splitting

Price will depend upon how we agree to structure a course, but my facilities mean that I can have one, or at the very most two, pupils at any one time. I can provide all the tools, timber and other materials needed.
Why not book some lessons as a present for a friend?

Sawing a tennon The workbench